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Weather in Andamans

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    Weather in Andaman

    Best season for Visit to Andaman – Month Wise


    This month is the start of the dry season and the Island Tourism Festival is celebrated this month. Max. Temperature – 29 °C Min. Temperature – 23 °C.


    During this month you will experience Max. Temperature – 30 °C, and Min. Temperature -23 °C.


    This month is perfect to enjoy colourful festivals like Holi and Shivratri. Max Temperature – 32 °C, and Min. Temperature – 23 °C.


    This month is the hottest time of the year in Andaman. Max. Temperature – 33 °C, and Min. Temperature – 25 °C.


    Rainy season starts this month and the island starts experiencing frequent showers. Max. Temperature – 31°C, and Min. Temperature – 25°C.


    This month is full of rainfalls, and strong winds. Max. Temperature – 30°C and Min. Temperature – 24 °C.


    Max. Temperature – 29 °C, and Min. Temperature – 24°C.


    You can witness the Independence celebration here on 15th August. Max. Temperature – 29 °C, and Min. Temperature – 24 °C.


    Max. Temperature – 29 °C and Min. Temperature – 24 °C. (temperature is fluctuating during this time)


    Pleasant temperature starts this month with the celebration of festivals like Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali. Max. Temperature – 30°C and Min. Temperature – 24 °C.


    Max. Temperature -30 °C, and Min. Temperature – 24 °C.


    You can enjoy Christmas and New Year Celebrations here in the perfect pleasant temperature. Max. Temperature – 29°C and Min. Temperature – 24 °C.